Our services


Starling Hotels & Resorts employs a team of 3 salespersons with a national and international presence prospecting a panel of companies and very solid contacts. The commercial representation of the collection’s establishments is made through regular customer appointments, visits in hotels and attendance at Swiss and worldwide fairs.

The sales force includes the prospection of new companies as well as the retention of acquired customers and organizes regular internal events to thank its best customers.

Revenue Management

The Revenue Manager looks at the customer market and segmentation in detail, and analyzes and tracks the hotel’s performance by sending regular reports. Through an audit, he establishes a pricing strategy jointly with the management of each establishment and proposes specific tools to optimize the margin. The Revenue Analyst provides advice and recommendations to hoteliers, and suggests optimal booking platforms depending on the size and structure of each hotel.

Digital Marketing

In order to optimize revenues and maximize hotel profits, the e-Marketing team develops a digital strategy, defines the best distribution and/or communication channels by offering specific campaigns to each segment. Using competitive intelligence, they deploy customized tools, design websites, select specialized platforms and supply the various social networks. The person in charge of the department measures and analyzes the results monthly for a permanent adaptation to the market.


The Marketing department supports its clients in the definition of the strategy and the development of annual communication plans. It is based in particular on a weekly competitive intelligence. With the goal of increasing the visibility and optimization of the brand’s reputation, the managers provide strong recommendations in the development and creation of content.

The Marketing team also offers and produces different informative materials such as brochures, factsheets or various promotions in support of the sales team, and manages the communication on the various channels.

Operations Management

Depending on the customer’s request, Starling Hotels & Resorts advises and assists the hotelier in the daily management of his establishment. The project manager is in charge of different missions, sets up all measurement tools and accompanies the hotels for the integration and the application of these.